Image Dream Awakening

Image Dream Awakening

8th Septembet  – 14th October 2017


MMS2 presents an exhibition within a series of historical dialogues combining a historic artist (Giovanni Anselmo) with the contemporary avant-guard (Michal Martychowiec).

Giovanni Anselmo, one of the founders of Arte Povera movement, has created projection installations that use language to investigate the relationship between abstract categories of thought, such as the finite and the infinite in the case of Particolare (1972).

The practice of the 20th c. avant-garde is the decisive abandonment of the mimetic-representative paradigm, as G. Agamben wrote in his “Image, Dream, Awakening”, for newly-discovered areas of the subconscious, the imaginary, and even the purely random. These areas have, to a large extent, shaped the contemporary artistic practices.

Michal Martychowiec’s Blue is a series of large format photographs of the cloudless sky and the artist writes so about his work:

“Blue brings together the past, present and future. I had been looking for a view which has remained the same for all the history. […] An empty blue sky is such a view. But here lays certain ambiguity. A cloudless sky is somehow a view which has always been the same, yet one realises, the blueness of the sky is never really the same. In a different place on earth or time, the exact colour of the sky can never be repeated.

Blue is the most immaterial of all colours and indeed is a record of an empty space in this particular case. This empty space becomes a somewhat romantic definition of our existential state.
This work in a sense, through this perspective of materiality, poses an ongoing question on the nature of the readymade. Here, this immaterial colour becomes a readymade, whereas the existential framework remains in focus, leaving the formal discourse behind.”

The curious case is the complexity of ambiguities in Martychowiec’s discourse: one would consider we are confronted with purely abstract image, yet it is in fact a precise documentation of reality. This reality is simply the empty space, the infinite. The historical reference is bringing the infinite through concentration of the past, present and future in one. Then the question of the readymade positions the work within the continuous discourse of art history: the systemic process of creating these images is more alike technical documentation, rather than creation of art, and as such the actual artistic quality lies in this concept of the colour and ready made. This work has been thus developed from an earlier work of Martychowiec – In memory.

Yet, when one considers all the above, one realises, in this infinite landscape (of both image and ideas), that it is precisely this ‘landscape’, the infinite, which shapes the finite, in other words – us.

Artists Giovanni Anselmo, Michal Martychowiec